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Mud Larks provides activity ideas for the whole family to encourage them to get outside and benefit from the natural world. Our membership activities cover 6 different areas of learning at 3 different levels to develop yourself and your family.

Summer Challenge!

Our Summer Challenge has now finished!

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Being Business Women

Well, this has been a learning journey, that’s for sure (and it’s definitely not finished yet)! Let me tell you something you might not know… I’ve been self-employed before. When I was on maternity leave with my second child, I was made redundant from my job in export sales admin. By chance, I saw an

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Have yourself an Eco Little Christmas

I sat this morning watching the news and saw David Attenborough on there again saying it’s time for action. I wondered what else I could do – we already have an electric car, solar panels on the roof, bar soap and shampoo, reusable water bottles and refillable coffee cups, don’t use cling film… so we

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Stories for the outdoors

One of the biggest problems we have when out on a walk with Toddler Mud Lark is getting him to keep going. Just walking is not enough distraction for him! Anybody else? The things we find keep him moving (in generally the right direction) are songs and stories. Don’t worry, I’m not going to sing

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In our blog, and on our social media (www.facebook.com/mudlarksfb) we sometimes recommend items for which we may get an affiliate commission. We find our recommendations from…

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