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Last week at school, we were having a bit of a tidy out and I rediscovered the butterfly net that we’d planned to use in summer 2020 in the classroom. It gave me an idea!

I headed off to Amazon and ordered some baby caterpillars for Toddler Mud Lark to watch growing and turning into butterflies. (We had an old butterfly garden net at home from years ago.) So I only had to order the cup with the baby caterpillars in.

Baby caterpillars in their growing pot.

They’re absolutely tiny. Only a few millimetres long, but have been crawling around and pretty active. Keep an eye on Mud Larks for daily updates.

The info we got via email on how to look after them has been fantastic and the guide in the box is great – easy enough for a junior aged child to follow (younger kiddies will need a bit of help). We also got a chrysalis station and some butterfly nectar too.

Currently priced at £11.99. That’s not too much to pay to get Toddler Mud Lark fascinated by the power of nature. Is it?

You can get your own from Amazon by clicking here (This is not an afilliate link – just a recommendation from me) Your kids will love them.

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