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I’ve joined a challenge this month with Wingmums – some of my business buddies whose mission is to help mums (and Grannies like me) in business to thrive. (You can still join in here )

Our first task is to reflect on the past year.

What a year! I retired from the classroom and ended up with 5 different part-time jobs. I’ve dropped one of them, but still have 4 things on the go – I still want to do all 4 – but is it sensible? Am I giving myself enough time for me and the family? Am I stretched too thinly? Did anyone even know I’d published the winter edition?

Thing is, I’m super proud of them all, but especially these gorgeous scrapbooks. If you haven’t got one yet, why not?!

They are available here on the website in the shop section.

I quite like chatting to you like this – maybe you will have the answers to my questions too!

Bye for now, Amanda x

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