I’m a bit slow sometimes…

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I have a habit of assuming that if I know something you must know it too. I’m sure it’s pretty annoying for those who I live with!

It just occurred to me that maybe not everyone knows what I mean when I say at Mud Larks we do 3 levels for every activity so the whole family can play together.

Each level stretches children in a different way according to their learning needs and as a parent you know best what’s right for your child, so we don’t put ages on our levels. Also, that lets you chose if you want to give them something super easy simply because it will be fun!

Anyway, I made a video to explain…

What we mean by “each activity has 3 levels”

Let me know if you found that useful!

I think having 3 levels is what makes Mud Larks something special – hope you do too!

Amanda x

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