Our monthly membership will keep your Mud Larks busy outside.

Our membership gives you access to every month’s new activities (and all the past ones) and they recur until you cancel.

Every month you will get 4 outdoor activities – one for each weekend. These are set at 3 different levels for you and your children to choose from. Our membership content will be available in a PDF format in our Members’ Area and in our private members’ group on Facebook, which we will invite you to join. In addition to our outdoor activities, every month we have a craft expert, Lydia from Cotton Reel Sunshine, and a foraging expert, Lesley, who join us to share even more family activities. There are even pop-up additional extras from our other small business friends.

Monthly Membership


This package gives you access to our password protected Members’ Area of this website where you will have access to your activity PDFs. Each pdf provides 3 activities on the week’s theme. They are loosely aimed at 2-5 years, 5-7 years and 8-12 years but on testing, our 11 year old loves all 3, our 7 year old wants all 3 and more and the 3 year old wants to try everything. This means that a testing session often takes all morning! Additionally, you will be accepted into our Facebook members only group which also grants you exclusive access to monthly foraging activities from Lesley and crafts from Lydia @ Cotton Reel Sunshine. As an added bonus, your membership will include a free copy of one of Mud Larks’ Study Scrapbooks (RRP £12.50).

Your subscription will be only £12 a month (less than £3.00 a week – which is much cheaper than attending a forest school session!) and you can cancel at any time – you are in control.

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