This is what people had to say about Mud Larks.

Jack (7)

“Can we do Mud Larks yet?!”

Suzanne M

“So many great perks for members. Including some lovely post that we received today.”

“We are really enjoying the challenges. It’s good to have a purpose to our walks. It’s not always easy to come up with things to do.”

“Serena definitely sleeps better after a day outside.”

“It’s great value and so many great things to do.”

“Without this community we may have spent lots of days aimlessly wandering around, but definitely prefer having little tasks to do.”

Leanne O

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your idea of making natural paintbrushes… We will definitely be doing this activity again! Can’t wait to see what other exciting activities you have to share!”

Emily K

“I didn’t realise it [Mud Larks] would be such a big thing to them. It wasn’t for very long but they loved it and it actually helped settle them before bed when they were bouncing off the walls before we left!”

Claire L

“My boys and I are loving being a part of Mudlarks. We love having outdoor adventures and are so grateful for all the super ideas.”

Meegan S

“My daughter has always found solace in nature since the day she was born. It calms her down instantly.”

Lizzie M

“My husband is usually in a better mood after playing outdoors.”

Amy H

“How exciting that your doors are open again. We love being part of the Mud Larks membership. Your ideas for getting outdoors are so fab.”

Michelle G

“Getting outside has been my medicine this Easter. Thankfully, G, our daughter, loves being outdoors too.”

“Outdoor activities in abundance. Supportive and encouraging – go on, join the group. Run by a qualified teacher.”

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